5 Tech Jobs That Do Not Require Programming

5 Tech Jobs That Do Not Require Programming

The trouble with programmers

is that you can never tell

what a programmer is doing until it’s too late.

–  Seymour Cray

There are many jobs out there for people who can tell what a programmer is doing before it is too late, and also to manage the problems that may arise, and a lot of them do. There are jobs in the tech industry for people who can tell programmers what to do.

Many people stay away from the tech industry because they feel that it is only for programmers, and they are not interested in programming. Well, you’re wrong. The tech industry is probably the most diverse industry in the entire world of work. If you have no interest in writing code, you do not have to rule out a job in tech. the technology industry is booming, and as it is, its needs are also increasing. There is a need for non-programmers who can help to ensure that the products have a human feel to them and also manage the programmers to ensure that they don’t go off track. There are several opportunities in the tech industry for non-programmers.

Here are some of them;

Product Manager

In Silicon Valley, these people are paid even more than software engineers. The oversee the processes involved in the design, creation and implementation of their companies’ products. This job requires a lot of variety, and means that you would have to understand just about everything in the industry from programming to design. This does not mean that you have to write code or design; however, you need to have knowledge of what everyone is doing in order to coordinate them.

Project Manager

This is, in a way, like project management. It is, however, on a smaller scale than product management. Project managers supervise separate projects from planning to execution. They follow through on the strategy that has been set aside by the project manager. They manage the smaller details that are needed to set up the big picture. They are organized, and they organize others; managing teams to execute the smaller projects that are necessary to set up the big plan.

Technical Writer

Programmers can write pages and pages of code to build the product, but they still need someone who can translate the structure and the product to the consumer. Writers are translators; programmers speak tech and they need someone who can interpret this. Manuals, website content, app content, press releases, and even error codes. All of these are important for the successful launch and use of any product, and it falls to technical writers to write them.

UI/UX Designer

Technology is difficult to use, and if left to just programmers, no one would be able to use them except for IT guys. Designers work to make sure that the product not just looks good, but is also easy to use. They make the life of the user easier by designing the product in a way that everything is easy to find, and putting down well-timed instructions to make sure that the user understands what to do.

SEO Specialist

A product that cannot be seen is a waste of budget, no? SEO specialists increase the visibility of a product simply y understanding people. Search engines matter A LOT, considering that over six billion searches are made every day. These specialists study consumers and use their findings to boost the organic ranking of websites and ensure that they turn up on searches and receive traffic.

These are just some of the non-programming paths you can pursue in the technology industry. There’s something here for everyone. There are roles in sales and marketing, business analysis and more. There’s space for you to explore, grow and contribute.

Get in here!

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