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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports are submitted monthly, with updates processed on the 1st of each month.

No, our NET 30 account functions as a business line of credit, tailored specifically for our services.

Applying is simple. Just complete the application form. Please ensure that the application is submitted by the Authorized Officer of the organization.

No, our application process is entirely free of charge.

No, there are no monthly fees for our business line of credit. However, some of our services may have associated monthly fees.

Processing typically takes between 5-10 business days. We’ll keep the Authorized Officer informed via email regarding the application status.

Delays may occur if information is missing or difficult to verify. Please ensure all details are accurate for expedited processing.

Our credit team conducts a comprehensive risk analysis. Key factors include your business’ Dun & Bradstreet Paydex score and other relevant indicators.

We encourage applications from businesses that are at least 90 days old and legally registered with their respective state.

To qualify for a NET 30 account, your business should have a professional website in place. This is crucial for establishing credibility and financial stability.

Decisions are based on various factors, primarily your business’ Dun & Bradstreet Paydex score and other creditworthiness indicators.

Companies with a positive payment history spanning three months or more are eligible to request limit increases.

Yes, upon approval and contracting our services, the Authorized Officer will receive account login details.

Unfortunately, we only authorize the Authorized Officer of the organization to manage the account.

Payments are reported based on receivable dates. Timely payments are crucial for maintaining a positive credit rating.

No, the program is exclusively for clients acquired directly by us.

Currently, we do not offer an affiliate program, though plans for one are underway.

A Net 30 vendor extends commercial lines of credit to businesses for products and/or services.

Net 60 operates similarly to Net 30, except the invoice is due sixty days after receipt. Net 90 operates on a similar principle.

Securing a Net 30 account can free up working capital, eliminate the need for personal credit checks, and aid in building business credit.

We recommend utilizing vendors that align with your business needs, whether it’s digital marketing services or essential supplies from trusted vendors like Uline and Grainger.

While recommendations vary, we advise acquiring accounts your business can responsibly manage and pay on time.

Here are four top vendors with straightforward approval processes:

-Urrgent Technology 




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